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Norfolk Island welcomes visitors to holiday in Norfolk Island!

Entry requirements;

- A current Australian passport or Australian Document of Identity issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia); or

- A current New Zealand passport

Foreign Passports*

- A multiple entry Australian visa valid for 30 days beyond their intended length of stay

- A return airline ticket

Foreign Passports* - are all passports not issued by Australia or New Zealand

Further conditions, travel documentation and permit requirements apply to persons seeking or intending to commence employment or residence on Norfolk Island. Further information regarding immigration requirements, polices & guidelines is available from the Norfolk Island Immigration website at


Arriving by Commercial Flight: On Arrival at Norfolk Island International Airport, you will be required to collect all your luggage from the baggage conveyor, which is located in the left-hand side of the Customs arrival hall, before proceeding through Customs.
After collecting your luggage from the conveyor please proceed to the Customs Processing Queue. Customs Examining Officers will then ask you a series of questions in regards to the answers on your Passenger Arrival Card.

To facilitate your entry through Customs have ready your passports and completed arrival papers. Your arrival papers should be handed to you during your flight for completion prior to arrival . Ensure you have correctly identified your luggage and that you have all your luggage with you.

Remember you will not necessarily lose, or pay Customs duty on the items you declare. You will not be committing an offence by declaring an item, however you will be committing an offence by NOT declaring goods which should have been declared. If in doubt DECLARE IT! Your entire luggage may be searched at any time, at any lane.

Be wary of any advice given in any overseas shops as the shop assistant may not be fully aware of the Norfolk Island legislation. Remember the shop assistant is there to sell you the product. They will not be there when you arrive at Norfolk Island. You are responsible for your declaration. Find out before you buy!

Sales persons or business persons bringing "Samples, Promotional gifts" or "Products" to Norfolk Island should declare them as "Commercial goods". Some goods may attract duty, or proof of export may be required on departure. Having a list and value of the goods will help facilitate your entry through Customs.

  • Other things to consider are:
  • Obtaining some form of travel insurance.
  • Clearly mark your luggage for easy identification.
  • Don’t assume that because it is allowed into Australia or New Zealand it is allowed into Norfolk Island.
  • Don’t assume that because it is packaged food it is not subject to declaration.
  • Your assumptions do not always meet with Norfolk Island legislation. If in doubt ask a Customs Officer.

Your personal concessions allows you to bring into Norfolk Island free of duty the following:

  • Goods obtained overseas with a total combined value of not more than A$900 (A$450 for passengers under 18. (Do not count clothing, toiletries and jewellery intended for your own personal use and not for gift, sale or exchange) and, if you are 18 years of age or over, you are entitled to;
  • 2.25 litres of alcoholic beverages for each passenger: and,
  • 250 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco products

Goods that do not form part of the passenger concession

  • commercial samples,
  • goods for commercial use,
  • goods that may be of a commercial quantity,
  • gifts or goods carried on behalf of other persons not travelling on the same flight,

The above goods may not be part of you passenger concession and Customs Duty may apply. If you are uncertain ask a Customs Officer before submitting your arrival card or for further details contact Norfolk Island Customs direct.


Prohibited Items

As with any border protection, certain items are prohibited. Most prohibited items are prohibited because of the impact it could have if allowed to be imported into the country. One single selfish act of smuggling could lead to the devastation of Norfolk Island as a tourist destination. Your assistance to preserve this destination would be appreciated.

Norfolk Island can boast that it is relatively pest free and crime free. The importation of certain goods such illicit drugs or plant material that may contain disease can have an impact on the lifestyle and freedom that Norfolk Island enjoys. We ask that any person travelling to Norfolk Island respect what we have and take into account the need to impose restrictions on certain items.

For example some items, which are prohibited, are

  • Foodstuffs – such as fresh fruit, vegetables, salads
  • Meats – Such as pork or poultry from New Zealand
  • Plants – Such as live plants, seeds (some seeds are acceptable, but are subject to certain requirements, for full details contact Health & Quarantine)
For further information on any of the above, see contacts Health & Quarantine

Drugs - such as dangerous drugs or illicit drugs.  Medicinal drugs are subject to stringent control. Some prescription drugs may fall into this category, if in doubt call Norfolk Island Customs before travel.

Weapons - weapons such as sword sticks, daggers, automatic firearms. (The importation of firearms is strictly controlled). Contacting Norfolk Island Customs and/or the Norfolk Island Police would be advisable before contemplating importation of any firearm.

Alcoholic Beverages - The importation of alcohol other than via passenger concession is restricted and requires permission in writing from the Norfolk Island Minister responsible, before importation. Any importation of alcohol over and above the passenger concession can attract charges or be bonded by Customs. Any undeclared alcohol in excess of the allowable limits may be confiscated and penalties may apply.

Tobacco products - attract a *high rate of duty and will be charged if tobacco products exceed your allowable limits. You may wish to have any excess amounts of tobacco products bonded and returned to you on departure. It is advisable that you check your allowable limits in the country you are returning to.


Be aware that it is an offence to conceal items from Customs and heavy penalties may apply to un-declared items!


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